Summer Yoga Specials for kids, families and adults.

Enjoy private classes at your home for an affordable price!

Children Yoga:

The classes are 30 minutes each. The classes with an art project go from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

30 minutes (one child) yoga class + art project. $25.00
30 minutes group class (minimum 4 children) + art project. $15 per kid
Mommy and Me class (for infants and toddlers) $20.00
Mommy and Me group class $15.00 per adult

Please contact me for more information about Summer or Birthday Yoga parties.


One reflexology session at home $30.00
Reflexology and Reiki $40.00

Yoga for adults:

One hour at home $30.00
One hour group yoga at home $20.00 per person